New & Used Manlifts For Sale

If you're looking for a manlift to add to your heavy construction equipment fleet, Equipment Sales has you covered. Our inventory of manlifts includes a wide range of sizes, types, and models to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect boom lift, cherry picker etc, to fit your specific needs.

Whether you want to buy or sell a manlift, you can use our auctions, marketplace, or classified listings to make it happen, with our team making the process go without a hitch.

Why use Equipment Sales?

We take pride in providing top-quality equipment and excellent customer service. Our team of experts can answer any questions and help you find the perfect manlift for your industry.

Our extensive network of buyers and sellers and thousands of customers trust us to meet their equipment needs.

In what condition are the manlifts featured on site?

We list both new and used manlifts for sale. For every piece of equipment listed on our platform, you can access a gallery of photos and videos that provide an objective view of the equipment’s actual condition by clicking on the item. This allows you to bid fairly based on the manlift's condition.

What brands of manlifts are popular?

Some popular brands we hold include:

• Genie
• Skyjack
• Manitou
• Power Tower
• Houlotte

Have a manlift you want to sell?

Visit our selling hub to access more selling information and contact one of our agents.

Have a manlift you want to list at auction?

If you're interested in selling manlifts or any other equipment at our auctions, please use our sister sites Euro Auctions in the UK / EU or Yoder & Frey in the US. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Auction’ on the advert type in each category, click the product, and the ‘Go to Auction’ button will bring you to the correct sister site.